Currently a corporate lawyer moonlighting as a food and drink obsessive, mostly in downtown Manhattan (kind of rare to see me above 14th Street unless I’m at work). I’m the type of person who eats a huge lunch while thinking about what I should have for dinner.

Recommendations or questions? Email me at becky.quan@gmail.com.


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  • Becky Quan says:

    Hi, thanks for reviewing The NoMad. Glad you had a great experience. This is slightly odd but your blog was brought to my attention when the GM of The NoMad pointed out your review. The reason being that I am one of the Pastry Sous Chefs and my name is Becky Quan as well. He actually thought I wrote the review and asked me about it. Well, just thought you would enjoy that. Have a great day!
    -Becky Q

    • Becky says:

      Haha, wow that is some crazy crazy coincidence, especially since I never really expect anyone to read the blog (more of a personal record of restaurant outings). Again, we had a really lovely time and seriously enjoyed that Milk & Honey dessert, so definitely looking forward to the next time we visit! Thanks!

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