An irrational but spending-savvy lunch

November 12, 2008 § 1 Comment

It’s currently 45 degrees outside in DC, and what did Erin and I decide to eat today for lunch? SweetGreen. Every Wednesday now, they’re handing out free small sweetflows with a salad, and since I only had three meals left at the dining hall this week, I thought it’d be wise to take advantage of the situation, even if it did result in a frozen tongue and numb fingers.

I went with the usual trio of toppings – strawberries, blueberries, and mangos – though I was seriously leaning towards the candied walnuts. Ah…decisions, decisions. Even though it was cold outside, I realized that I missed the tartiness of SweetGreen’s frozen yogurt as opposed to the fake Country Vanilla variety that’s served in our dining hall. A sweet treat that still made me feel healthy.

It was my first time trying a SweetGreen salad, and I inevitably opted for the Guacamole greens, mainly because it has a huge helping of avocado and I’m an avocado fiend.

Verdict: too much mesclun and not enough grilled chicken (I like my meat!), but the cilantro-lime-jalapeno vinaigrette was nice and tangy without being too overwhelming. I could have done without the tortilla chips though; they got really mushy and soggy after sitting with the avocado and vinaigrette as I made my to the bottom of the bowl. Have to say that SweetGreen trumps Chop’t, the Rosslyn version, in the salad-on-the-spot department though. Mainly because the server at Chop’t takes your chicken or choice of meat and minces it along with everything else using a mezzaluna, leaving you with…chicken string. Bleck


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