1/2 Off Sushi

August 21, 2008 § 1 Comment

Where I live is just your average suburb. Average + countless places for ethnic cuisine. There was even an article about Edison’s ethnic restaurants in the New York Times a while back. Iselin, also known as Little India by many (even people from out of state know this town) has a slew of different eateries particularly along Oak Tree Road. And there’s also a bunch of Korean and Chinese restaurants scattered all over Westfield, North and South Edison that keep the strong Asian population here very very VERY happy.

But, by the far the best perk of living in this area is the 1/2 off sushi. No, that was not a typo. I guess it’s because there’s so many established sushi places in Woodbridge, Westfield, and Edison, that to stay competitive, many had to adopt this plan to keep the customers coming in the door. Example: At Westfield’s Fujiyama Mama, my favorite 1/2 off sushi place, lunch is 1/2 off on certain rolls Monday through Saturday and dinner is 1/2 off on Mondays and Tuesdays. So…where three rolls would normally cost you about 20 dollars, you’re only spending 10 on those specific days. It’s a wonderful thing.

So as a going-back-to-school get-together, a bunch of close friends trekked to Westfield for lunch and ordered a bunch of rolls including: funky monkey (eel and banana), volcano (fried calamari with spicy mayo sauce and cucumber), dragon, crunchy spicy salmon (spicy salmon with tempura flakes), and others.

Maybe it was because I’d had a craving for Fujiyama all summer yet never got around to it or maybe it was the company, but that was damn good sushi, better even than the stuff I had in New York while working. I guess whatever’s most familiar sometimes tastes the best to us.

The fish is fresh and the presentation is much better than a Benihana or competitor U-Yee’s in Woodbridge plus the service is usually pretty efficient and patient. And…the thing I just found out today, you can draw on the tables using soy sauce! If you dip your chopstick in soy sauce and then write your name or initials on the table and leave it there, after a couple minutes, when you dab it off, your name is left in a bright pink! I probably shouldn’t be telling you all this, but if you get the corner table in the first room on your left, you’ll see my name! I always like to leave a mark. =)

Fujiyama Mama
341 South Avenue East
Westfield, NJ 07090

U-Yee Sushi
675 US Highway 1 South near Gill Road
Woodbridge, NJ 08830
(732) 283-7888



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