Tapas party at Phil’s

August 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

My friend Phil recently got his entire kitchen renovated (it’s soooo beautiful!) so a bunch of us invited ourselves over there to cook up some Spanish tapas dishes. Needless to say, after three hardworking, sweaty hours, and two rounds of delicious food (and before we were even able to get to the churros and Spanish hot chocolate), we were gut-bustingly full on gambas al ajillo (shrimp with garlic), patatas bravas (crispy, peasant-style potatoes dipped in tomato sauce), and other dishes. And I just wanted to thank everyone for putting up with me barking orders at them, especially Phil, who had his kitchen taken over by a food-obsessed mad woman and his parents who trusted that we wouldn’t destroy their house, and Julia, who took all the pictures while I was running around the kitchen.



  • Spicy and candied almonds
  • Gambas al ajillo, shrimp with garlic
  • Sauteed wild and cultivated mushrooms with parsley
  • Patatas bravas, peasant style potatoes
  • Pan con tomate, bread with tomato rub
  • Espinacas a la catalana (Spinach Catalan-style)
  • Steak au poivre (which, yes, is French and really had no business being there but we needed beef)
  • Sangria

The shrimp, potatoes, and steak (no surprise with this meat and taters loving group) were the biggest hits of the night but what made me happiest was everyone seemed to be eating everything. Even the spinach wasn’t neglected.


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