Macarons and sushi

January 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Monday, Murphy, Anne and I met for sushi at Westfield favorite, Fujiyama Mama. The volcano (fried squid, cucumber, and avocado inside topped with spicy sauce and caviar), dragon roll (eel and cucumber inside topped with avocado), and crunchy spicy salmon roll (spicy salmon with tempura flakes inside) were as good as they’ve always been. And of course, because everything was half-off, paying only about $11 for all three regular-sized rolls made the sushi taste even better. Only after moving to Ithaca for law school did I realize how spoiled we are in terms of high-quality but cheap sushi.

However, nothing could really compare to dessert. Murphy had just returned from a trip to Paris and brought back French-style macarons from none other than Pierre Hermé, pastry-making extraordinaire. Flavors included were white truffle with hazelnuts (my favorite), chocolate and passionfruit, olive oil and mandarin, rose, salted caramel, peach saffron, and classic chocolate. Although they suffered a little from sitting in the box for several days, these macarons were definitely the best I’ve had in a very, very long time, with only La Maison du Chocolat’s version coming in a far-off second.

Then yesterday, Phil, Jiawen, Murphy, and I braved the still-falling snow and headed to Sushi Palace for the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. Luckily, because of the weather, we were basically the only ones in the restaurant, so even though that meant we could hear the super-cheesy 80’s music loud and clear, the service was very quick and friendly. Considering the amount of food we ate, $23 for each of us including tax and tip was still a helluva deal.

Fujiyama Mama
341 South Ave E
Westfield, NJ 07090

Sushi Palace
1089 Inman Ave
Edison, NJ 08820


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