Restaurant Weekend

January 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

This past weekend was filled with so much good food, and there was quite a variety of it too. We had dimsum at China Garden, hearty Italian at Filomena, where I only managed to finish half of my entree and dessert (two meals in one!), and a light breakfast at Leopold’s Kafe down in Cady Alley.

Sunday morning, Ameya imed me asking to go to dimsum at China Garden, but because it was already 1 PM, I was a little reluctant since it would take him a while to drive down from UMD and get us to the restaurant. What ensued was probably the fastest sit-down restaurant meal of my entire life.

When we got there at 2:15 (because parking took a while as well), the cart ladies swarmed us, trying to finish off all the steamers they still had before they had to pack stuff away. So, in about 20 minutes, Ameya, Varun, and I devoured about 12 dimsum dishes – dumplings, har gao, egg tarts and all – and paid our check at around 2:35. In a way, it was a meal of perfect efficiency.

Restaurant Week at Filomena is probably one of the best promotions during that entire week. We had four courses of soup, appetizer, main course, and dessert (as well as a complimentary sambuca or amaretto), and the portions were absolutely huge! I went last year as well so I was able to plan my eating strategy more accordingly, and saved enough food for an entire extra meal the next day.

Everything – the homemade gnochhi, the delicious rigatoni in vodka sauce, the chocolate mousse cake and the raspberries n’ cream dessert – was so frikkin’ delicious and perfect for the cold day we were having. And as usual, the restaurant was decked out in decorations for the next closest holiday, which meant there were paper doves and shiny plastic red hearts hanging from the ceiling everywhere! So cheezy, but still cute.

The next day, we stopped at Leopold’s Kafe for breakfast/brunch and luckily, we got there before it became packed with patrons. I opted for the fresh grapefruit juice with the most amazing and flaky almond croissant I think I have ever had (my plate was completely covered in crumbs) and giant roasted baby red potatoes with caramelized onions seasoned with fresh thyme.

A perfect balance between the sweetness of the pastry and the savory heaviness of the potatoes. If I had to choose one brunch spot to go to for the rest of my time at Georgetown, it would be Leopold’s, hands down. The service is so friendly, the atmosphere is sleek and chic, and the food is amazing, especially the breakfast options. The giant pastry case near the bar isn’t a bad thing either.

Some cooking and Leopold’s with next year’s roomies!

November 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

I did eventually get to using up the squash, mushrooms, and shallots by melting a little butter, throwing all of them into a saute pan, and adding salt and pepper. Quick, easy, comforting, and healthy (kinda? yes?) I would write out a recipe but it was incredibly simple and I don’t recall the measurements now. Just use however much looks good to you. Also cooked the potato gnocchi and ricotta tortellini that I had on hand from Dean and Deluca and doused it with some house vodka sauce. Erin, Lee, and I just grabbed a bunch of forks and ate off this one communal plate. No time for cute dinnerware when our stomachs were grumbling.

In other news, housing selection is complete and I’m living in a rooftop apartment next year with three other great girls! Rooftops at Georgetown are third or fourth level apartments that have a huge balcony that overlooks the Potomac River. And because it’s through the university, we don’t have to worry about utilities, long commutes, etc. Pretty sweet.

When we were deciding on the kind of housing we wanted to choose, we headed to Leopold’s. This time, I got the grilled chicken salad with field greens. It was a pretty standard dish and the chicken was a bit overcooked in my opinion, but everyone else seemed to enjoy their dishes. Jia got the roast chicken I had last time, Melissa had the mussels and frites, and Jenny got a salmon dish that looked huge and amazing. The fennel and basil oil combination got rave reviews.

We were all most looking forward to dessert though. Leopold’s has a huge pastry case filled with delectable treats – savory and sweet – and we spent about 15 minutes just ooing and aahing at all the choices. There were fruit tarts, giant brownies, MACARONS! [which I will try the next time I go] and breakfast items like croissants, danishes, etc. I purposely ordered the tea and cookies because I wanted something light, and even though I don’t know what they were – butter shortbreads, brittles, and some other things – each one was delicious and special, especially since I got to wash it down with some Citron tea. My friends were too busy sighing and eating to really say anything so…I’m going to assume their desserts tasted as good as they looked.

Mission for next time: macaron taste tasting. I only saw five flavors – raspberry, pistachio, chocolate, coffee, and either a lemon or coconut, but if they’re up to expectations, it doesn’t matter in the end. I just need to find somewhere that can give me that wonderful meringue-filling satisfaction.

Parent’s Weekend, Baked and Wired, Leopold’s Kafe

October 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

I was so happy when my dad and sister Laura came down for Parents’ Weekend yesterday. After experiencing midterm-hell for the past week, I needed to see them…and the goodies that they would inevitably bring with them. Mooncake, red bean paste, dried nori, etcetcetc. I will be satisfied in the Asian snack department for quite some time.

They were only here for the day so we had to sort our time wisely and efficiently. So we walked down to Rosslyn metro (the weather was absolutely beautiful outside, if a tiny bit chilly) and took the train to the Smithsonian where we got in touch with our inner child and oohed and aahed at the mammal dummies and Hope Diamond. We also got to see the new Ocean Hall that opened up.

Afterwards, my dad decided to take a catnap at the Shops at Georgetown Park, a wise choice since Laura and I used that time to stop by the lovely Baked and Wired (which is officially better than Georgetown Cupcake to me now that I’ve gone there twice) to get a Obama-yo-mama brownie (espresso and chocolate in the fudgiest fudgy texture) and Carrot cupcake with a heavenly creamcheese frosting. Speaking of creamcheese, I found the nicest vintage black tuxedo jacket with satin piping at Annie Creamcheese which I fell in love with. That and there was another spoon ring but I didn’t get it this time.

For dinner, the three of us walked down Cady’s Alley to Leopold’s, which I have been meaning to try for a while. It’s a very European-chic Austrian cafe that sells wonderfully hearty entrees, like the bratwurst with kraut that Laura got, delicately delicious pastries (there’s a giant case of them near the bar), or strong coffee for those visiting early in the morning.

My dad has a weakness for mussels so he got them in garlic and white wine broth paired with these extremely crispy frites and I got the roast chicken with chard, fingerling potatoes, and mustard sauce. To be honest, we weren’t really paying attention to the food, we were too busy talking. But that’s a good thing! I did manage to snap a couple appetizing-looking pictures so enjoy!


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